Natural attractions

Virovitica ponds

At just 7 km south of Virovitica are located Virovitica ponds – a series of 9 ponds which represent the largest and richest fishing waters in the Virovitica area. Ponds are rich in many species of freshwater fish such as catfish, pike, perch, carp, tench, bream, crucian carp and other, often capital examples of particular fish species. For the most part it is run by SRU “Ođenica” Virovitica, which provides the possibility of recreational fishing throughout the year. Supply of one-day and annual licenses is possible via info phone 099 693 7535 (g.Antun Kovacevic – coordinator of security services) or 099 681 7699 (g. Drago Horvat – president of SRU “Ođenica”). More information can be obtained through the website of the association:

Educational trail Virovitička Bilogora

Educational trail is marked with 11 info-panels with educational information about flora and fauna in Virovitica ponds and Bilogora. The trail is heart-shaped and 4,3 km long, with benches and a gazebo, and the tour takes approximately 1,5 hours.

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