Gastro offer

The traditional gastronomy of Virovitica region is based on fresh food of superb quality from Slavonia and Podravina. An integral part of household and hospitality are the domestic products, made according to traditional recipes. Virovitica is well known for its local pepper (Route of Paprika) and also honey due to which the Virovitica-Podravina County has been called “the sweetest county”. The gastronomic wealth of the region is based on the game specialties and freshwater fish. Dishes such as deer stew or carp in wooden fork are enabling visitors to enjoy a premium gastronomy experience.

Eno offer

Wine Route “Virovitički vidici”, as well as associated facilities, is located on the wine-growing suburban areas in Virovitica and at the parts of Bilogora where the wine industry and the production of grapes and wine is most intense. These, picturesque and clean spaces are extremely interesting as a tourist destination.

Please find the full gastro offer with a list of restaurants in Virovitica at the link

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