Tourist Information Center with Souvenir Shop

Tourist Information Center with a Souvenir Shop is a part of the Tourist Board of Virovitica and it is located in the heart of the city, in newly renovated Pejačević Castle. For the first time in one place, here you can find souvenirs from our local manufacturers, family farms, local art associations and individual artists, as well as the souvenirs of Virovitica City Museum which is also located in Pejačević Castle.

A wide selection of products guarantees a diverse and interesting offer. The offer of souvenirs has been carefully selected, taking into account their quality, origin and Virovitica theme. You can choose from unique handmade items, books, fabric and fragrant souvenirs, honey, pumpkin oil or homemade brandies and liqueurs…

If you happen to be undecided about the selection, our staff will be happy to help you with advice. In addition to souvenirs, here you can get all the tourist information about Virovitica. Also here you can buy tickets for the permanent exhibition and/or occasional exhibitions of the Virovitica City Museum.

We are looking forward to your visit!

More information can be found here.

Souvenir offer

TVIN d.o.o.

TVIN, the company for the production of furniture and other wooden products, was founded in 1913. Over time, it has become one of the most innovative manufacturers of high-quality office and home furniture. TVIN is also one of the largest producers of wooden clogs in Croatia. The clogs are made of linden wood with a surface that is orthopedically approved while the upper part is made of natural perforated leather. In our souvenir shop you can find standard models of these extremely light and comfortable clogs in classic black or white option, as well as models with a floral and leopard pattern.

Virovitica City Museum

The gift shop offers souvenirs from the City Museum with the “Wooden Age” theme, related to the new exhibition setup of the same name. The tree was chosen as a theme because of its connection to a man, respectively because man is a creature who has always handled wood throughout history.

The wooden age is an age that lasts forever. It continues today, when we are extremely aware of it, same as it will probably continue to be in the future, due to its ecological balance. Wood motifs (root, age, tree, leaf) run through all the souvenirs, from mugs, canvas bags, notebooks, cup liners and pencils to picture books.

Also available is a book of the creative Trick family and many different museum catalogs – for artists and exhibitions such as B. Glumac, B. Bernardi and his Tvin furniture collections, and Nives Kavurić Kurtović.

Ivana Molnar’s home made souvenirs

Ivana Molnar is a versatile artist, the organizer of various workshops and the author of the educational picture book “Lonely Lamp”. Her works – unique hand-painted decorative boxes in the shape of a book with motif of St. Roko Church, ethno boxes with a cup, and hand-painted wall clocks – you can find exclusively in our gift shop.

Family Farm Špoljar

Since 2011 Family Farm Špoljar grows pumpkins from which they produce pumpkin oil, which is offered to customers in several categories (cold pressed, unrefined 100% pure, and salad oil). Among other crops they grow, the camomile is also worth mentioning. You can find their products in our gift shop in the form of gift packs – a wooden box with an engraved castle motif and pumpkin oil, a box with pumpkin oil, seeds and camomile, and a wooden box with pumpkin oil and seeds.

Dream Factory

The most popular Croatian gastronomic blogger, Virovitica’s own Sanja Mijac, dreamed of a cookbook that would collect simple homemade dishes and desserts. Her luxury 320 pages cookbook “From the life of a Homemaker” is made to serve people as an inspiration, and also as a place from which you can draw out a good and proven recipe for all occasions.

Family Farm Vukušić

The first lavender seeds The Vukušić Family Farm planted from a hobby, fun, and most of all, curiosity, on a small family estate in Stari Gradac near Virovitica. Today, products from their farm delightfully smell in many homes, offices, and cars, both in and out of our country. Their aroma also spreads in our souvenir shop with the lavender bags, available in two local motifs, one of the Pejačević Castle and other of Mikeš, native resident of Virovitica city.

Education and Rehabilitation Center Virovitica – Student cooperative Mali Mikeši

Student cooperative “Mali Mikeši” has been founded in 1997. Within the cooperative there are several groups that work hard and participate in numerous local events and fairs. We are very pleased that we can offer the works of Mali Mikeši in our souvenir shop – a decorative ceramic clock and two sets of napkin rings.

Distillery Company Harmund

Harmund distillery is a combination of tradition and modern technology, with the goal of achieving top quality. Their products are completely natural with unforgettable flavors and aromas. The whole range of their products consists of fruit liqueurs and brandy, made of best locally grown fruits – pear, apricot, plum, cherry, walnut, raspberry, blackberry, aronia, currant, gooseberry, pomegranate and honey from their own hives. In the souvenir shop you can find exclusive packages in wooden boxes with engraved motif of Pejačević Castle, containing decorative bottles of cherry brandy, pear brandy Viljamovka and plum brandy Šljivovica.

AD Astra

Craft owner Đurđica Klimek is a great talent for art and she is represented in our gift shop with a hand-painted canvas bag with the crest of Virovitica city.


Grafoprojekt is a company that has been in the graphic business for 30 years, under the watchful eye of Goran Božanić. Their products offered in souvenir shop are – a cup with the motif of the Pejačević Castle, a magnet “Virovitica in the Heart”, a puzzle box and a wooden wall clock.

Creative association “Unikat”

Creative association “Unikat” (“Unique” in Croatian) strives to preserve cultural heritage and tradition, as well as eco and ethno aspects in their handcrafts made from recycled materials. The association has about 30 members who make jewelry, various useful and decorative items, plates, mirrors, picture frames, decorate boxes and glass bottles by various techniques. In the gift shop you can find hand-painted decorative bottles and decorative boxes with the motif of the Pejačević Castle.


The owner of tailoring service Vlasta Despotovski, besides classic tailoring crafts, also is engaged in the production of unique souvenirs and ethno products. In the souvenir shop you can find handmade gingerbread-like heart made of fabric packed in a decorative box.

Beekeeping family farm Balint

Beekeeping family farm Balint has been in the honey business for many years, and the highest praises of their work were confirmed by numerous awards and recognitions for the quality. The whole Balint family is involved in the bee business. Their main product is top quality homemade honey, which you can find in our souvenir shop as decorative gift boxes with honey and other bee products. The more exclusive ones are packed in the wooden box with the engraved motif of the Pejačević Castle.

Promo's plus

Promo’s plus is a small business founded in 2017, specialized in marketing, trade and services. In souvenir shop they are presented with T-shirts “Greetings from Virovitica” and city motifs postcards.


The owner of “Mikešland” company is Mijo Pavelko, a well-known actor, member of Virovitica’s Theater. He has for many years kept from oblivion the spirit of the Virovitica’s native resident – Mikeš – with his specific character, language, habits, traditions and customs, lifestyle and worldview. The souvenir shop offers a ceramic sculpture “Mikeš with a Beet”, a “Book on Virovitica” by V. Brešić, comic book “Sveti Roko” by R. Idžojtić and magnets with a Mikeš motifs.

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